5 Tips On Songwriting

songwriting tips

One of the hardest parts of being a musician is definitely songwriting. It is really a skill that isn’t that easy to teach and you really need to find you own unique ways of getting inspiration.Yet it is also something that you should try to constantly improve to ensure you don’t run out of fresh idea.

Here are five tips that might give your songwriting a boost.

1. Mix It Up

If you sometimes feel like you have one section of the song ready but can’t find ways to create a full song, you can mix it all up. For example, change the order of your chords in the ‘ready’ section and see if this gives you more ideas. It is really easy to get stuck with something that works and keep yourself from the other ways of getting it work even better.

It might also help to mix up your instruments as well. If you mainly create music with your guitar you might want to try using the keyboard or a violin instead, for example.

2. Keep A Notebook With You

You also need to start keeping a little notebook with you or get a good note-taking app for your smartphone. This is to guarantee that you never forget a good idea.

For instance, if you get a good idea for chord sequence then just write it down without thinking about it too much. The same goes for any lyrics or song title ideas you might get. You should also write down any good quotes you see because these can help you come up with lyrics.

3. Listen More Music

You should never stop listening to other people’s music because this can really act as an inspiration for yourself. There are so many different types of music out there and really by studying other people’s music you can find ways to improve your own. Just be careful that you don’t re-write someone else’s song!

4. Record Your Songs

It is also really important that you get your songs recorded. First, this naturally helps you make some money with your music and get more publicity. But it is also really important part of improving your talent.

Hearing your songs fully recorded can really help you notice what things work and what don’t.

There are some good recording studios out there that won’t end up breaking your budget and there are plenty of iPad apps for recording which is a great option if you're on a tight budget.

5. Do Something Else

And sometimes it really helps to get your mind away from songwriting altogether. If you are thinking about your songs too much you’ll end up feeling frustrated and can quickly get stuck with your song.

Clearing your mind from your music can sometimes be really helpful in getting new ideas or finding solutions to your songs.

Lillian MacDonald is passionate about music and songwriting. She is always looking for tips for becoming more creative and finding new ways to think outside the box.

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