AudioFuse: Portable Audio Interface

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Arturia AudioFuse
Arturia AudioFuse Audio Interface

Arturia has officially announced their much trumpeted portable AudioFuse audio interface at NAMM 2015.

The name is derived from the fact that Arturia has fused together the features on many different audio interfaces into a single unit.

It uses AKM Premium 24bit AD/DA converters with a maximum sampling rate of 192kHz.

Arturia says they had three main goals in mind when they designed it: 1. Audio quality which they say is better than any other currently available portable interface; 2. Connectivity - as you can see below you can connect it to just about any audio source and computing device; 3. Workflow - arranging the hardware layout to make it easy to make adjustments as you record.

Although Arturia are calling it a 2 channel interface it actually has a huge number of inputs for just about every possible application - these include:

  • 2 combo XLR/balanced 1/4" inputs with phantom power
  • 8 channel ADAT In/Out
  • 2 Phono/Line RCA+ground and balanced 1/4” inputs
  • S/PDIF In/Out and WordClock
  • Line level Inserts
  • MIDI In/Out

It also has 3 USB ports making it a USB 2.0 hub as well. It's fully class complaint so you can connect it to Android & iOS devices as well as Mac & Windows systems.

It has a range of neat features such as automatically detecting when you plug in condenser microphones and applying phantom power so you don't need to constantly turn the phantom off every time you unplug the mic.

It has direct monitoring and also a talkback send so you can talk directly to the person wearing headphones.

Its two DiscretePRO microphone preamps take the best of yesterday’s vintage mixing consoles and today’s technology to provide a unique, totally discrete circuit that goes beyond the limitations of integrated circuits

I quite like the strong aluminium casing they've opted for - that should make it a lot more sturdy and reliable than many of the plastic cased interfaces like the M-Track.

The MAP us $599 and it will be in the stores sometime between April and June this year.

You can get the full specifications now at and once it hits the stores in a few months time I'll have more info for you then.