New Broadway Acoustic Panels from Primacoustic

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Broadway Broadband panels with bevelled edge finish
Broadway Broadband panels with bevelled edge finish

If you're having trouble with standing waves, and other annoying types of echos in your studio, then a few carefully placed acoustic panels can fix your problem.

Primacoustic have produced a new set of broadband panels with bevelled edges to give them a nicer look.

Primacoustic Product Specialist Jay Porter: "Over the past 10 years, the feedback we have received is that clients prefer the look and feel of a bevelled edge panel over a traditional square edge. We tend to agree! Bevel edged panels convey a cleaner, more finished look that seems to enhance the décor in a much more natural and artistic way. This same sentiment is echoed by many designers and architects... and the engineers will be pleased to hear that the new design delivers the same market leading performance that they have come to expect from Primacoustic!"

Like all their Broadway panels, these new ones contain glass wool at a density of 6lb per cubic foot - this provides for a relatively even absorption of frequencies throughout most of the hearing range, and they certainly perform much better than the old egg carton trick.

The new range comes in the three colors you can see above - and the bevelled edges, if not a fashion statement, are easy on the eye. I'm a personal believer in having your studio relatively neutral in color so artists can focus on the sound and not be too emotionally swayed by the décor - but maybe that's just me (I also like to have dimmers on the lights when recording as well).

If you're only working in a temporary set-up, like using a spare room to record a demo, then a cheap alternative is to hang thick curtains or blankets on adjacent walls - not very professional looking, but it helps.

Anyway, before I wander too far off track, I should let you know that Primacoustic have informed me that their new panels have begun shipping.

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