Crowd Audio: A New Way to get Audio Engineering Jobs

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Crowd Audio

Crowd Audio offers a different way for musicians to get their songs mixed down, and a new opportunity for budding audio engineers to find work.

What they do is let artists set up a 'competition' where they upload raw tracks, set the price they are willing to pay to have them mixed, and then multiple audio engineers create mixdowns for the artist to select a winner.

Although the artist gets to hear multiple versions of their songs mixed by various engineers, they only pay for the one they have selected as the final mix.

This isn't entirely a new concept - similar services have been successfully operating for years for things ranging from graphic arts and web design through to real estate investment, but it is new in the world of music production.

This short video does a good job of explaining the process:

“We started Crowd Audio to change the way music is produced,” said Benediktsson, a musician and audio engineer who has worked in the music industry since 2006. “There are many talented musicians and engineers out there who don’t get the exposure they deserve. There are great engineers in small towns and other countries that lend a unique character to the music they produce, and bands wouldn't get the opportunity to explore those options without an international online platform like Crowd Audio.”

They have already worked with many diverse artists ranging from indie pop artists in Brooklyn, dance composers in France and hip-­‐hop producers in Switzerland. Rory McMillan, a musician from Knoxville, Tennessee considers a recent collaboration with Crowd Audio a success and can't wait to use their service again. “This sounds a lot better than any mix of this song that I could have produced on my own,” McMillan said.

The main challenge for Crowd Audio right now is that there is still too much human intervention on the back-end of their website, and they need to upgrade their systems in order to make the process work more smoothly.

To achieve this they have launched a crowd funding campaign at indiegogo.

At the time of writing this article, Crowd Audio was already about one third of the way towards achieving their funding goal of $10,500, and there are still two weeks left until their campaign ends.

Some of the perks they are offering to contributors include:

  • Discount vouchers for running your own mixing competition.
  • Free premium membership to Audio Issues including a free Mixing eCourse.
  • Host a mixing competition for one of your songs and have it included on their promotional compilation album.
  • A 30 minute Music Production consultation with Björgvin via Skype or Google Hangout.

For a complete rundown on their crowd funding campaign go to indiegogo.

For more information about Crowd Audio visit their website at