Focusrite Documentary - The Original Rupert Neve Designed Consoles

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Focusrite Console
Focusrite Console

Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. is currently celebrating their 25th year in business, but did you know that the brand Focusrite is actually 29 years old?

It was actually started by the legendary Rupert Neve who designed the original Focusrite console. Only 10 of these were eventually built and this fascinating documentary tracks down where they all went and interviews the owners of the 6 which are still in use today, as well as information about what happened to the 4 that didn't make it through to today.

I've never worked in a studio with one of the original Focusrite consoles, but it is truly amazing to see the emotional attachment the people who have done so have with them.

Do yourself a favor and watch the documentary now:


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