Generating Social Buzz for your Music

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Social sharing music

We've all been told, and correctly so, that building a following on social media is a great way to reach out to new audiences, however this is often a bit more difficult than it sounds.

Perhaps you've tried following people who you feel might like your music, but you get stuck with the follow limits Twitter places on you - daily limits and a total limit of 2,000 follows until your followback ratio gets large enough.

Or perhaps you've tried joining all the relevant groups you could find on Facebook, but your fan page still only has a small number of followers - and you've done the same things with Circles on Google+ but you've hit a brick wall in terms of getting more followers.

The Most Effective Way To Gain Followers

In my experience, the thing that works best on the social platforms I mentioned above, and on Pinterest and StumbleUpon as well, is to get other people sharing your content.

But it's a Catch-22, if people aren't already sharing your content then other people won't get to see it and won't follow you.

I've found that a great way out of this circular problem is to use a social sharing service like Viral Content Buzz.

Basically all you have to do is share other people's content for which you are given credits, then you use those credits to set up your own social projects for other people to share. You also have complete control over which platforms you want others to share your content on.

The following video gives you a good understanding of how it works:

I recommend you give Viral Content Buzz a go and see how it works for you - I'm on there and I'll share your content if I see it, or you can send me a permalink to it to ensure I don't miss it.