How To Maximize Your Experience With A Good Speaker Hire Service

Professional sound systems vary in size from the small units best suited for the living room to more powerful HiFi systems that can rock a concert hall. However, professional sound systems can cost thousands of dollars if not more. This is why if you just need a pro system for a few days or a night a speaker hire service will be your best bet.

Types of professional units

A professional sound system will vary in size from one that you can simply install in your living room to larger systems with eco sound intended for concert halls and outdoor entertainment. However, in addition to speaker hire many people will also need stage hire, PA hire, lighting systems and a DJ to really bring their outdoor event to life. Professional DJ services like Sound Agents often use a combo of portable sound equipment and compact synthesizers to add a bit of boom to their performance. That said just having the equipment is not enough it needs to be setup too. Setting up professional speakers, amplifiers, and other equipment requires expertise.

The setup can become even more complex when you throw in plasma screens, projectors and other equipment into the mix. Since, only less than 1% of people just need a sound system it is worth searching for a service that also setups everything for your event. There are many companies that will do this for you owing to their team of trained professionals but finding the best one is what will yield great results. A professional setup crew will pay close attention to everything from room acoustics to hum and the number of people at the event. But if you’re on a budget it’s up to you exactly what equipment you end up hiring.

Below we take a look at a few things that are worth considering before you plan to hire sound equipment.

Make a list of equipment that you’ll require

There are a number of different types of sound equipment that you can hire. For instance, you can hire DJ, PA, and stage microphone equipment etc. So, making a list will help you determine exactly what you need. If you need more than just sound hire services you could possibly get a bulk discount from the company you end up dealing with.

Shop around

Before you decide to get your sound equipment from one particular place it pays to shop around. Especially if you consider the fact that you can save a few hundred dollars on the same equipment if you look around. Many times people and especially businesses will take a slight step down in terms of quality to save money. That said it is your job to search around to find a company that provides you the best equipment at a price you can afford. To do this make a list of all the reputed companies in your area, and send all of them the list of equipment you need and ask for a quote. Then when you get the quotes back a simple comparison should reveal which company is offering you a bargain. It is worth noting that sacrificing sound quality for money is not worth it in most instances.

Find out how it works

Many people who just opt for speaker hire have no idea as to how it works. If you require help make sure that the hire company provides you with a manual or some instructions to set things up.

Ask for installation and service

Find out if installation services are included in the hire price. Many speaker hire companies will offer you an inclusive price which takes some load off your shoulders. However, always clarify this before signing the agreement.

Sound engineer service

If you are opting for a speaker hire then chances are that you’ll need a sound engineer too. This will depend on the scope of the event you have planned. If you are not sure ask around to find out if a sound engineer will be needed. Many companies providing sound equipment for hire also have sound engineers that people can hire for an extra per hour cost, find out what this cost is before you decide to get one.

Image provided by Tim Geers under a Creative Commons license.