Gearank - New Website for Music Gear

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Gearank - music gear website

Some of you may be wondering why I've been a little quite here lately - it's because I've been working with a team of music gear experts on a new concept called Gearank.

It takes a whole new approach to discovering which pieces of music gear are the best to buy.

Every item of music equipment featured on the website is given a Gearank - a score out of 100 which is compiled by analyzing hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of customer reviews, expert product reviews, articles, and even forum discussions about a piece of gear. Once all that data is collected it is processed by the Gearank algorithm to produce a score which indicates how much other people like, or don't like, a particular item compared to its competitors.

To give you an idea, here are two Gear Guides that I've produced at

It's early days right now, in fact the website only went live about 12 hours before writing this, but already over 100 pieces of music equipment have been analyzed using over 30,000 sources of information.

So next time when you're looking to buy some new music gear, you can read through hundreds of product and customer reviews yourself, or you can check out Gearank and see a summary report of what all the reviews say.

For more information see: How Gearank Works.