How Can A Musical Instrument Help Your Love Life?

Females (and males) are very tough creatures to read and understand and gaining the attention of the person that you fancy can often be pretty difficult. There is no disputing that the human form is complex beyond imagination and conventional methods only work on certain people, for others you have to explore rather unusual avenues.

The power of music and the connotations of playing an instrument or being part of a band are extremely positive for anyone looking to woo a member of the opposite sex.

This has been a phenomenon that has been around since the 1930’s and doesn’t look like slowing down.

The grungy image of a rock star or singer is something that cannot be disputed and therefore learning an instrument can be a brilliant way of getting noticed and that in turn can increase the amount of attention you receive from members of the opposite sex.

Again you have got to be good and to be good you have got to have an interest or passion in the instrument you learn but if you have that then avenues certainly become open. This article will highlight three ways in which your musical exploits can enhance your love life.

Artistic Flare

Having artistic flare really can help your love life. There is something about a member of the opposite sex who is interested in the arts that is of appeal. I really cannot put my finger on what it is but there is certainly something, just look at the sex appeal of rock stars for example.

If you learn an instrument, no matter what instrument, and you become highly skilled at it, you really can then start using to your advantage. I mean I am not saying learn an instrument for this reason but it is a great additional bonus. Musical instruments can help your own personal confidence and that in turn can help your ability to woo the opposite sex.

Spend a little time working out what instrument you want to start learning and then work out what the best way of taking your lessons is. Learning guitar online for example is simple and cost effective but if you want a more personal style of lesson the one-to-one tutoring is definitely for you.


If you invite someone round for dinner, there will be nothing better than being able to serenade them or show off your musical skills, it is a surefire game changer. You must think about these things when you decide what instrument to learn, you don’t want to learn the recorder when you can learn the piano, you know what I mean.


Life is all about confidence and learning an instrument can definitely increase self-confidence dramatically. There are so many different ways learning an instrument can help daily life and confidence is top of that list.

If you are confident in your ability to perform then it can certainly be transferred to areas of life that you are lacking in confidence and bring you forward.

Josh King is an author with over 10 years industry experience and is highly skilled with musical instruments. He studied music at university and is currently a member of a band, he enjoys writing in his spare time. Photograph by John Liu.