New Portable Vocal Booth Pro 2 Edition from Editors Keys

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Portable Vocal Booth Pro 2 Edition
Portable Vocal Booth Pro 2 Edition

Building a permanent vocal booth can be a little expensive for many home recording setups, so if your acoustics aren't the best for recording vocals then perhaps you should consider getting a portable vocal booth like this one.

This portable vocal booth comes with a heavy-duty floor stand and desk stand adapters so you can use it both standing and sitting, although I always recommend standing if possible to record vocals whether they be singing or voice-overs.

As you can see from the picture, the booth provides both a shield from external sounds as well as the shaped acoustic foam to prevent unwanted reverberation.

Mark Brown, company director of Editors, said "We talked to over 3000 recording artists and asked them what common problems they faced. Getting good quality vocals was the biggest problem, and was one of the main reasons otherwise great tracks, only sounded good at best."

Here is a demonstration of it in action:

The Vocal Booth Pro 2 is part of the new home recording equipment range from Editors Keys, a new cost effective version based on the successful Pro 1 version.

It is currently available for $279.99 (the mic and pop filter are not included) directly from Editors Keys.