Prophet 12 Module Synth from Dave Smith Instruments

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DSI Prophet 12 Module
DSI Prophet 12 Module

Although many home recording and production studios are going the way of software based synths these days, sometimes you want sounds from great designers in your tracks and real knobs to play with.

The Prophet 12 Module contains all the sounds and editing features of the Prophet 12 Keyboard, but in a rack mountable unit.

Dave Smith, who designed the sounds himself, said, “We have had many requests from professional musicians for a small, easily portable version of the Prophet 12 keyboard, with all the same features and incredible sound. The new Prophet 12 module is just that: it has all the power of the Prophet 12 keyboard - in fact, it has the exact same voice board - and it fits into a backpack.”

This 12 voice unit boasts the highest number of voices of any instrument from DSI to date, with each voice sporting four oscillators capable of classic and complex waveforms, a sub-oscillator (Sub Octave), analog resonant low-pass filter and analog high-pass filter, and analog voltage controlled amplifier.

Here's a promo video with Dave Smith giving us a run-down of the new module along with a sound track that composed entirely on the Prophet 12:

The I/O panel on the back includes everything the keyboard version has except for having an external power supply:

  • USB
  • MIDI Out
  • MIDI In
  • MIDI Thru
  • Main/A Outputs
  • B Outputs
  • Pedal 1
  • Pedal 2
  • Sustain
  • Headphones

The list price is $2,429 however it's selling online at Sweetwater for only $2,199.

For further information visit Dave Smith Instruments.