Steinberg release firmware upgrade for UR824 & UR28M USB Audio Interfaces

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UR28M Desktop USB Audio Interface
Steinberg UR28M Desktop USB Audio Interface
Steinberg UR824
Steinberg UR824 Rackmount USB Audio Interface

Firmware updates often tend to be a little boring - usually they only offer minor enhancements and bug fixes, but this one is quite impressive and will make existing owners very happy and probably entice musicians, producers, and engineers to take a second look at these two USB audio interfaces.

Let's take a look at the people who will benefit most from the new firmware for the UR824 & UR28M USB Audio Interfaces...

iPad Owners

If you have an iPad 2 or later you will now be able to use both of these interfaces by connecting via the Camera Connection Kit (CCK).


New Guitar Amp Classics modeling effects have been provided which run on the onboard DSP effects providing zero latency amp modeling and guitar effects.

Live Streamers

Loopback function for internet live streaming: incoming audio signals are merged to playback signal from audio playback software.


Their Basic FX Suite VST 3 bundle has been included, which aside from the aforementioned Guitar Amp Classics also includes:

  • Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip - this plug-in provides Steinberg's latest compression and EQ technology.
  • REV-X - reverb technology which is in a number of Yamaha's hardware mixing consoles.

You also get a free copy of Cubase AI 7 which you have to download separately (and your interface must be registered with Steinberg) - admittedly this won't impress professional music producers as much, however it's a great bonus for everyone else.

To download the update go to