Studio 50USB Monitors from Behringer

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Behringer Studio 50USB Monitor Speakers

The new Studio 50USB monitor speakers unveiled last week at NAMM are ideal for home recording.

Running off USB means you don't have to take up any of your output channels on your audio interface, and they're also specially magnetically shielded so they can be placed right next to your computer monitors (all types including old CRTs) without any interference between the two.

They don't have to be used only with USB, you can also plug in analog signals using either a stereo TRS or RCA plug.

The press information Behringer sent out said "The Studio 50USB delivers 100 ultra-clean Watts of digital sound through separately-powered drivers via a true bi-amping mode with dedicated high- and low-frequency amplifiers per enclosure."

Unsurprisingly, Bert Niedermeyer who is a Product Manager at Behringer, speaks quite positively about them saying, "Our new Studio 50USB and Media 40USB monitors were designed for people who really care about sound quality. They will easily impress anyone seeking audiophile-grade performance whether they are mixing tracks or just listening to their favorite songs. Plus, they look as great as they sound!"

Like we've come to expect from Behringer, one of the best features is the price which is listed at $129.99, and I expect that once they hit the stores they'll be discounted to a street price of around $99.

For a complete run down on the specifications go to Behringer.

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