New Home Studio Workstation Furniture from Zaor

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Zaor's new Miza Jr Workstation
Zaor's new Miza Jr Workstation

Ordinary office desks have a few problems when it comes to home recording setups with dual computer monitors, multiple sets of speaker monitors, music keyboards and computer keyboards.

Zaor are a company that specialize in making furniture specifically designed to solve these problems in professional and home recording studios, and their latest offering makes it much easier to set up a less cluttered work environment.

The first thing you'll notice from the picture, is that they have made the top of the desk wide enough to comfortably handle any large dual screen setup.

But more importantly, the full width retractable draw can fit not only a computer keyboard, but a MIDI Controller keyboard as well. Not only that, but you can also adjust the height of the retractable drawer up and down in 16 mm increments between 5 cm to 16 cm below the desktop surface - enough space to also house synths, mixers and other outboard gear as well.

The Miza Jr. can be easily expanded to integrate several specific add-ons from Zaor. These include the equally-well-thought-through Miza GripRack, a Miza Jr. color-matched 2U- or 4U-sized rack space with a padded top section which you can place a nearfield monitor speaker on, or the Miza Jr. color matching Miza D-Stand which is a good solution for precisely positioning nearfield monitors on the Miza Jr. work surface, helpfully height-adjustable to the millimetre, thanks to a hidden screw thread - just slowly spin the padded top section of the speaker stand to easily reach your best listening level.

On the other hand, if you like doing things yourself you could try to build your own workstation like the one in this video:


However, if you're like me you'll probably want one built by people who know which end of a powertool to point at the wood :)...

The Miza Jr is built with melamine-faced chipboard panels including solid wood additions, and comes flat-packed ready for worldwide delivery at a retail price of around €450.00 f. It comes in different colors such as Black/Cherry, Titanium/Bleached Oak, and Titanium/Wengé.

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