Focusrite Interfaces now come with a Softube Plugin Bundle

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Softube’s Time and Tone Bundle
Softube’s Time and Tone Bundle

From today new Scarlett and Clarett auido interfaces from Focusrite will come bundled with three free plugins from Softube.

Actually this offer also applies to anyone who bought one of the qualifying Focusrite interfaces on or after the 1st of September, 2015.

The specific Focusrite interfaces this applies to are: Scarlett Studio, Scarlett Solo Studio, Scarlett Solo, Scarlett 2i2, Scarlett 2i4, Scarlett 6i6, Scarlett 18i8, Scarlett 18i20, Saffire Pro 14, Saffire Pro 24, Saffire Pro 26, Saffire Pro 40, Liquid Saffire 56, Clarett 2Pre, Clarett 4Pre, Clarett 8Pre, and Clarett 8PreX.

The three free plugins from Softube are:

  1. TSAR-1R Reverb - an easy to use quality reverb plugin. You simply use a single slider to create realistic and three dimensional rooms and dramatic dream like halls. Basically it makes it easy to add space, depth, and width to any sound.

  2. Tube Delay - a tasty echo effect that can go from clean- to rude-sounding simply by overdriving its three modeled tube stages. Create anything from realistic room echoes to rockabilly-style slapbacks — or take it all the way into dub reggae echo madness!

  3. Saturation Knob - a modeled distortion output unit plug-in that adds grit and warmth to any sound source. Use it to fatten up basslines, add some harmonics and shimmer to vocals, or destroy drum loops. Simply turn up the knob to add saturation, and use the three-position switch to alter the distortion character

This video gives you a good idea of how the TSAR-1R Reverb plugin works:

And here's a demo of the Tube Delay plugin:

And finally here's a demo of the Saturation Knob plugin:

To get your free bundle visit, click on “Register Product” and follow the instructions. You will need to confirm your purchase date and enter the bundle code which is supplied with your product. If you have already registered a qualifying product, simply log-in to your account and the bundle will appear with the downloads and activation codes associated with the product.